Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sorbetto in Green

I know I said that I usually don't work on my sewing class projects at home but this is an exception to that rule. For some reason I had a really big urge to make my first Sorbetto, and make it now. The weather here in Sydney is extremely changeable at the moment and I felt like I needed a new Summer top, while I am also planning my first Winter top.  I had originally downloaded the free PDF pattern, from Colette Patterns way back when I started my sewing class in October last year. I just never got around to sticking it all together, I have no idea why.

I spent most of the remainder of last class (after completing Jasmine) sticky taping, cutting and learning how to make the bias binding, I whipped up the top during the week at home (incredibly fast and easy top to make) and waited for my class early this week to finish sewing the binding pieces together then binding the armholes and neckline. My teacher had me sew the binding to the wrong side first, then fold over to the right side and hand baste down. I am actually glad that I did this step as it mean't that I had the placement perfect before sewing and it certainly was easier to sew without my usual 100 pins holding everything in place. I finished off machine sewing the binding down and finishing the hem at home.

Front View
I have mostly quilting weight cotton in my stash because I made bags and gifts for the first year of my sewing life. This is a Heather Bailey Pop Garden according to the fabric selvedge.

Shoulder Detail
 Normally I do not like yellow but there is something about this fabric that I have always loved.

Back View
I am definitely planning on making another one of these, as with Jasmine, in a lighter weight fabric.
I am as yet (having not worn it out) undecided on the length of Sorbetto, I will see how it is out and about, but I may yet add an inch or two if it feels to short.

If you are checking out the blog for Colette Patterns type Sorbetto in the search bar, Sarai has a few tutorials on variations for this pattern. Scalloped hem anyone?


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