Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dark Point

On Friday night, after a hard day at work, my Husband and I headed North for a short get away. 
We arrived at our camp site later at night promptly set up camp and fell asleep. 
Early the next morning before even the Sun had raised it's head, we headed to Dark Point to explore the sand dunes and take advantage of the light for a spot of photography. No head torches were needed as we crossed the Dunes as the light of a Full Moon kept our feet true.

I have to confess I can be slightly difficult to deal with early in the morning and no photography was attempted until a full thermos of tea was drunk!

Once the Sun was awake we were presented with a vast array of animal tracks to admire.... including this perfectly formed snake track.

This historic Aboriginal site was a highlight.

After the cold and rainy Summer, we were stoked to have such a beautifully warm and sunny Autumn day.

After heading back to the car we stopped a short distance down the road at Hole In The Wall picnic spot. We were there in time to watch one of the group catch a fish.

We headed into town for a spot of lunch and stumbled upon a car show. Entry was a gold coin donation so, even though I am not a car fan, just this once, why not?

I actually had a good time! There were heaps of old cars I could see myself driving. Like this one ....

At the exit point a gorgeous West Australian Dwarf Gum. Divine colour.

Hope you had a great weekend too.

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