Saturday, March 17, 2012

Linen Sailor Jasmine

I attend a sewing class 1 night a week. It is really less like a class and more like a sewing night with help as we do not work to a schedule but rather just take in whatever pattern we wish to work on. We have a teacher who makes sure we are doing everything correctly and is there for help when we have questions. I like to separate my sewing class projects from my at home projects, generally not working on the class items at all during the week at home.

Term 1 is almost over and I only managed to finish 1 project so far. I did take an entire class to cut out my pattern pieces because I talk to much! I made a Jasmine 1018 from Colette Patterns having picked up the Colette Sewing Book and pattern package shortly after Christmas.
My Jasmine was made out of red linen with a tiny houndstooth pattern, the collar/tie and sleeve cuffs were made from the same fabric in a navy which I joked would either look great or make me look like a 5 year old boy. I made version 2, with the shorter tie.

I made a size 6 without making a muslin for fit. It was the first project I have ever made on the bias. I was quite concerned about cutting everything correctly but had no problems at all thanks to my teachers explaination. I had read horror stories about pulling fabric on the bias and ending up with an out of shape Jasmine but thanks to prior warning I was extra gentle and avoided any such problems.

This is the outcome......
Not keen on having my photo taken :(

I am not entirely sure if I love it or not. Perhaps a second opinion would help? The ladies at my class quite like it, I am sure I would be sold if I had made it in something recommended fabric wise, but alas I never listen. I had never used linen before and just wanted to own something made of it. The tie sits somewhat stiffly because of the drape of the fabric. Looking at other Jasmines out there, mine is pretty big, maybe comically so? I am sure I could go down a size no problem.

I have picked up a lovely cotton lawn to make this again but perhaps Version 1 with the longer ties and gathering at the sleeves? Yes, I think so.



  1. I think it looks really comfortable! The more I see this pattern made up the more I like it. I think you should try making another one, maybe a size smaller and in a different fabric, but by no means do I think you should never wear that one above. Think of it as "casual weekend" where it's okay if it's a little big. I love the colors.

  2. Hey Christina, thanks for your input, much appreciated. I am planning to make the next Jasmine from a ivory batiste to check the sizing, if all goes ok I will use the lawn I brought yesterday.
    I checked out your blog, nice Minoru!!!

  3. Looks fantastic! Still can't believe you have done so well,so quickly seeing you have only started sewing recently. I am very proud of you ! Fay x