Monday, February 20, 2012

National Pass

On Saturday my husband and I decided to go for walk. My husband (Darren) is recovering from a broken tailbone so we didn't want to do anything crazy. National Pass is a scenic walk in Australia's Blue Mountains. We were up early and at Wentworth Falls Station close to 8am (the train ride is about an hour and a half). We grabbed a coffee and danish at the bakery before I delayed the start even further with some antique window shopping.

Photo Taken by Darren
The walk from the station to the trail head is lovely, with overhanging trees and rustic cottages.

Photo taken by Darren
Photo taken by Darren

The lizards are fat and friendly. This little guy was happy to let me get up close and personal, the noise of the camera did not faze him in the least.

It has taken a while but slowly, slowly, I am learning to venture to other camera settings. Soon it will be goodbye auto forever.

National Pass hiking trail was originally constructed in the early 1900's and officially opened in 1908. There has been a lot of reconstruction work done, with National Pass being reopened in 2008.

Introducing Mr PepperTreeRoad

Photo taken by Darren

The walk is peppered (pardon the pun) with old photographs taken on this historic walk. As much as I admire the dress of the day, I am not quite sure how they were able to get around on these sorts of walks dressed as they were in a climate such as this.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Minoru Progress Report

Finally a progress report on my Minoru. I have uploaded a few quick pics taken about a week or so ago. Since then I have finished the cuffs and today I have completed Sewaholic step 13, as per Tasia's blog post.

As you can (sort of) see the collar zip and a lined version of the hood are all systems go. I did have a small hiccup with the hood zipper. I originally brought a dress zipper for the hood thinking I wanted something discreet. However, after sewing the cut out window I realised that my zip just wasn't going to fit. The dress zip was too narrow and somehow too short. I am pretty sure that this error is somehow my fault and most likely not a pattern fault as it is the first time I have ever done this. I ended up using the zip that I had purchased for the front of the jacket, just adjusting the length. I was happy with the end look but cranky with myself when I tried to find a replacement zip the same. I had purchased the zip at the Fabric Store and was unlikely to get a chance to go back there any time soon. I went to all my locals but no luck, there is a long story about how I came to find the exact replacement but I fear it is too boring to tell. So, the short version goes something like this .... I have a new zipper!!!! Yay.

Here is a photo of the heroic replacement zipper in all its basted glory (kindly modelled by Snow White the dress form).

I really love this pattern and get more and more excited about it as time goes by (imagine what I will be like when I finally finish it) but from the outset I was really hoping to get some external pocket action happening. Tasia put up this post  directing us to Amy of Sew Well's tutorial  for adding side seam pockets. I took the detour and was very happy with the outcome. Amy even provides a download for the pattern pockets so you can get moving with the sewing and not cry at the thought of drafting your own. The pockets were super easy to sew in and the tutorial was extremely clear to follow.

Amy does suggest using the lining fabric as fabric for the pockets but I am a little rough with pockets and wanted something strong. I ended up just using the outer fabric. Here you can see how discreet they are.

As I said I am now very much further along than this but I will have to save that update for later in the week.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Renfrew Top

Hi everyone, sorry about the lack of posts. Yes, I am still sewing along with Tasia in the Minoru Jacket Sew-A-Long but we are at a bit of a road block. I will take a few photos on the weekend and write an update on the jacket progress thus far.

In the meantime can I introduce you to another of Tasia's patterns?
The Renfrew Top from Sewaholic Patterns.

Click to go to the Sewaholic pattern store

I received my copy in the mail late last week and have been itching to make one up. I only had a metre of 150cm wide (60") knit fabric in my rather small stash so it was neck line view A with sleeve length view B that I made up this afternoon. The pattern recommends more fabric than this, and I did really squeeze it out.

Front View
A closer view of cuffs and neckline
(sorry about the wonky photo)

Waist band

Overlock (serger) detail. (hmm, my hands look old in this photo)

Back view
Sorry I know the photos could be better. I was excited to finish but it is just about my bedtime and  so they are quite dark.

I made size 6 as the measurements were pretty spot on for me. After making this version I might try the next size up if I purchased fabric with a similar amount of stretch. I would like a fraction more room in the bust and hips. Having said that, this probably fits me better than any store brought Tee I have purchased in a long time.

This Renfrew was sewn on my sewing machine using a zigzag stitch, seam allowances were neatened up using my overlocker (which I am still trying to master). 

Very happy with the outcome, I will definitely make again. Next time the V neck perhaps.

Happy sewing peeps