Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Welcome back.... it has been a while.
I am thinking of reviving the blog but I won't make any grand promises.

I haven't really been doing any sewing since my last post Wayyy back in 2012, why? Really, I am not sure, life got kind of hectic and stressful around that period and I guess I let a lot of the things I really enjoyed slip by, weeks become months and before you know it years have turned to dust.

But I'm back baby and full of sewing plans, so much so that at 3:05 in the wee hours of the morning I have started typing! Since 2012 I have (unfortunately) gone up a size or two,  I plan working on reversing this but for now it is what it is and I find myself rather short on attire. SO Spring/Summer (in the Southern Hemisphere here kids) sewing plans need to be in place pronto only this time around (as opposed to my 2012 style) I want to really plan my wardrobe. In the past I have brought fabric and made clothes based on what was "pretty" fabric or patterns but I found that I hardly wore what I made, although being rather a beginner sewist, fit and my lack of ability to alter patterns also plays a starring role.
So my plan is to -

Choose a palette
Plan according to needs not wants (and prioritise)
Set a time frame
Get back to posting on the blog.

I know it is all a bit lame and really not much of a first post after so long but hey, starting somewhere is where we are at. 

Back soon!