Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thurlow Shorts On The Cutting Table

Photo Credit: Darren M
Next up in my sewing queue are Thurlow Shorts 1203 by Sewaholic Patterns.
This one lives up to it's reputation of "The Pattern of Many Pieces" (ooh ok, I just made that up). I HATE tracing patterns, I procrastinate, I mope and sook- basically anything to avoid the act of tracing out a pattern. I hate cutting fabric out too, but not quite as much because I at least I feel like I have started, whereas tracing doesn't feel like I have made any headway at all.

Photo Credit: Darren M
But folks the good news is, I have completed tracing AND cutting on this baby, she is all ready to be magicked into the aforementioned wonderful.

I have chosen a cotton sateen (I think) for the main fabric in a grey and a whimsical poly for the lining.
I didn't realize until I cut the waistband facings, that my print will be sideways as it is a directional print. Not nearly as cute as I had planned. Also, the sateen has a small amount of stretch so I hope that will not be a problem for the overall fit.

I have decided to make the Thurlow Shorts the standard length without the cuffs, even though I think a second time round will see me make them 2 inches longer. I have also decided to omit the welt pockets in the back as I haven't made welt pockets before and know mine will turn out crap. I am not scared to try new things but I would like these shorts to be publicly wearable as I am trying to build my summer wardrobe since I am desperately short of clothes that fit (sigh).
As I am off for a little bike ride tomorrow, I am not sure when I will have these finished.

Till then...

P.S If you like my pattern weights and are interested, I was inspired by this tutorial. They have been finished for about a year now and no issues with rust.


  1. Congrats on getting the tracing and cutting done. Whew, what a relief, huh? Your fabric choices sound cute. Can't wait to see. Good luck!! Nice pattern weights, by the way. Thanks for the tutorial link.

    1. Thanks cuckoochanel, I am having a few issues with getting the zip/fly in correctly, but other than that they are super cute so far.