Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Original Iris

In my last post I promised you close up details of my Lisette Twill Iris Shorts....... This is not that post!!!! However, this post does include at least 1 close up of some Iris shorts.....

These ones.
Wearable Muslin- Iris Shorts 1022 Colette Patterns 
These were made approximately 2 months ago before I got side tracked by my health. 
I picked up this polyester (?) fabric on an outing in April with my sewing class, it was cheap at $4.00 a metre and I fell in love with the colour. I ended up buying 3m of this and 3m of the same in ivory. 

I made a size 10 which turned out perfect. They sit just where I like them on my hips with plenty of room to jump in puddles if the mood strikes me. I used a continuous lapped zipper (a quick method taught by my sewing teacher) instead of an invisible one. For this muslin I made the length as per the pattern, unlike my second pair the Lisette Twill shorts in which I added an extra 2 inches. After wearing both I think I actually prefer the shorter of the two, they seem to be more flattering (despite my hang ups about showing my legs). All in all i really love this pattern, it is quick and easy to sew up, you can make them dressy or casual (fun summer colours here I come). 

 If I had any suggestions for improving the pattern it would only be this ...... if you follow the instructions regarding placement of lining fabric for the pockets as shown here.....

And your fabric is somewhat see through, it means that the lining fabric will show through. Of course it is easily solved by simply reversing the placement as shown below (although the photo has been taken from the wearers perspective).

I hope all that made sense. If not leave me a comment and I will try to clarify. Of course it is not a pattern fault but rather something to be aware of when choosing fabric or deciding if you should underline.

Also the pattern savvy seamstress will have noticed my Iris shorts are modelled with the lovely Renfrew Top, made some time ago and still going strong.

Sorry no close ups of the facing details or the insides of the shorts, but I am now back at work (having started my new job) and it is taking some time to adjust to the change in hours. I will let you know how it goes when I decide if I like it or not! My husband is credited (again) with all the above photos except the Lisette Twill shorts (which was taken by yours truly). He very kindly took them yesterday before I ran out to my sewing class in which my sewing teacher helped me hem my new jeans and fix a fly issue I was having with my Thurlow shorts which will hopefully be finished by the end of this coming weekend.


  1. I stumbled across your blog this morning and just wanted to pop in to tell you your sewing projects are beautiful. I just purchased the Renfew pattern and can't wait to try it. I LOVE your red and white polka dot Renfrew.

    1. Wow, thank you FlyAwayHome. What a compliment. I hope you are on the mend soon and that your Renfrew looks wonderful.