Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Shock, a Holiday and some Lovely Iris Shorts (Warning long post)!!!

Photo credit: Darren M

Howdy strangers.... it has been awhile. This is me in case you have forgotten what I look like... I have been absent for a good reason I promise. I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after loosing feeling from my left shoulder down to the tips of my fingers on my left hand, this is my second flare up. The first being a case of Optical Neuritis 4 years ago, so 2 episodes and an MRI have confirmed that "Yes" I do have MS. It has taken a while for me to be "Ok" with this, during that time socialising and blogging  haven't been my thing. But hey, life goes on, things could be worse ......

Did I tell you that during the above period, I lost my job??? Unfortunately, the lease ran out at my place of employment and it was decided not to renew. Which was a shame, everyone was so lovely and supportive of me during such a difficult time and were generally just really lovely, funny people to work with. I did manage to get a new job, doing something different, which I am excited about. I haven't started yet.. my husband and I are having 2 lovely weeks holiday together (I think we have earned them).

During the first week we went South to Batemans Bay (that's in Australia folks), my Husband and I had our honeymoon here 2 years ago, so it was a bit like being lucky and having a second one.
It was so lovely to be by the coast, away from the cities, the people, the rush. To breathe fresh air and slow down.... enjoy every moment.

Photo Credit: Darren M

The first full day we took a walk around Broulee Island. Stopping to take in the views, visit the light house and explore the WW2 bunker.

Photo Credit: Darren M

Photo Credit: Darren M

(Strange little) Light House 

A school of fish going crazy....... where is my fishing rod??

World War 2 bunker

Bunker from outside
The next day ..... more coastline and a storm ravaged bay.

A late lunch included a surprise pod of dolphins.... One can be seen here (if you put your glasses on) showing the surfers how it is done.

Photo Credit: Darren M

On the last day we checked out early in the morning and headed home, via Berry. That is for Antique shops, a sewing shop and everything your heart desires (ahh, well probably not if your my husband). I scored vintage patterns, 3x Australian Home Journals from the 50's, a horse (plastic, sorry) and a new sewing case (from a children's toy shop). I nearly exploded!!!!! Oh me! oh my!

We are now back home enjoying the last week before returning to the workforce. I am spending part of that time cataloguing my fabric collection (I had no idea it was so big), I will post about that later this week.

Now to the last part of my post (yes, you have been patient) my Iris shorts.
This is actually my third pair that I have made. The first the horror red denim see here to relive. The second I have not posted about but they were made during the last few months, I will take some photos and post up with some more detailed shots of these ones and a proper review asap.

I made a size 10 (sigh) and lengthened them by 2 inches (I am not a fan of my legs). The invisible zipper was replaced by a lapped one as my sewing machine does not have an invisible zipper foot option. I have only just discovered the generic Brother invisible zipper foot fits my machine and haven't had the time to add it to my collection yet.
The fabric is a twill from the 2012 Lisette Spring Collection for Spotlight and Jo-Ann stores,  you can find the rest of the collection details here.

Photo Credit: Darren M

I used a quilting cotton for the facings and pockets. Michael Miller Eiffel Tower in Turquoise.
This is what the view looks like if you are wearing them

Before I go, I would just like to say......

A BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful husband for being so supportive and loving, and for cooking, cleaning and generally doing EVERYTHING for a while there. Thanks for a great holiday too, I had a wonderful time.
Said wonderful husband, Darren xx
I promise not to leave it so long before I post again. Thanks for checking in on me xx


  1. What lovely photos from your trip! I'm glad things have worked out a bit for you. The shorts look awesome, love the lining fabric!

    1. Hi Christina, thanks for the lovely comments, I have to admit I am in love with my shorts too. Good luck with making that quilt.

  2. Gorgeous photos. Your Irises are adorable too. Nice use of that Michael Miller fabric! Have fun cataloging your fabric. Can't wait to hear about it.

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