Monday, February 20, 2012

National Pass

On Saturday my husband and I decided to go for walk. My husband (Darren) is recovering from a broken tailbone so we didn't want to do anything crazy. National Pass is a scenic walk in Australia's Blue Mountains. We were up early and at Wentworth Falls Station close to 8am (the train ride is about an hour and a half). We grabbed a coffee and danish at the bakery before I delayed the start even further with some antique window shopping.

Photo Taken by Darren
The walk from the station to the trail head is lovely, with overhanging trees and rustic cottages.

Photo taken by Darren
Photo taken by Darren

The lizards are fat and friendly. This little guy was happy to let me get up close and personal, the noise of the camera did not faze him in the least.

It has taken a while but slowly, slowly, I am learning to venture to other camera settings. Soon it will be goodbye auto forever.

National Pass hiking trail was originally constructed in the early 1900's and officially opened in 1908. There has been a lot of reconstruction work done, with National Pass being reopened in 2008.

Introducing Mr PepperTreeRoad

Photo taken by Darren

The walk is peppered (pardon the pun) with old photographs taken on this historic walk. As much as I admire the dress of the day, I am not quite sure how they were able to get around on these sorts of walks dressed as they were in a climate such as this.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


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