Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Sewing Adventure

I recently went on a bit of a sewing adventure, well, that is what I like to call it anyway. In order to qualify for this adventure the shops I visited had to be....

1. Never before been seen by myself.
2. A little bit more exciting than a chain store fabric shop.

As far as I am aware these 2 basic qualifications are hard to find in the areas surrounding my abode.

The story goes something like this.... We set out on a fine and sunny day, the first destination was The Fabric Store. With map in hand we ventured forth, until a parking spot was found.

I loved the feel of this store, especially the old leather seats in the window for browsing pattern books. I picked up the main fabric for a jacket pattern I will be making soon.

Next stop.........

Tessuti Fabrics was not far from the fabric store, equally quirky and I picked up some chiffon for an up coming project. 

 Both stores are worth a look.

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