Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moo to you!

I have been hearing a lot of good things about Moo cards of late from a lot of online bloggers/sellers. Moo have some great options for multiple images and I am loving the Mini Cards!!!

As oft happens in life, I am feeling the card love and wondering if I might in fact be in need of such an item to hand out during conversations that may be struck with strangers, in relation to my Etsy store.

Thanks to a special offer Etsy store owners can have a sample Etsy branded pack for the cost of shipping only! Woo Hoo.

Since I am unable to pass up any offer of great value, and since I was planning to get some Mini Cards anyway. I thought I would grab a sample pack of business cards to test out quality etc.
For my sample pack I opted for the Green (100% recycled) option knowing that it would have a more matt finish. Cost of delivery was cheap, the estimated wait time was surprisingly long but they turned up 3 weeks earlier than estimated!!!! Perhaps the estimated wait time was extended as I ordered over the Christmas period.

Without further ado......

Sturdy carry box included. Post received without any damage.
The Etsy branding is reasonably discreet.
Front and back view
 I am really happy with the outcome.

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